WARNING: Riding a bike that has been improperly assembled is dangerous and may cause injury. It is your responsibility to ensure that your Murf is properly assembled before riding it. If you are unsure of any of the steps outlined in the video below please seek out a qualified bike mechanic. If you have any questions during the assembly of your Murf please give us a call. (949) 218-5920

This video is applicable to:

Pax Cruiser

Izzy Cruiser

Fat Pax

Fat Murf

Mini Murf

Alpha Murf

Tools Needed:

Scissors or snips

6mm allen key

5mm allen key

15mm wrench

10mm wrench

36mm wrench



This video will teach you how to build and install your rear rack package.

Tools Needed: 4mm Allen Key, 5mm Allen Key, 10mm wrench, 8mm wrench.


Once your Murf is built and ready to go watch this video to learn how it operates.