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Meet The Alpha Cargo

Passenger Kit

  • Includes rear bamboo platform
  • Includes running boards
  • Software limited to 20 MPH (Per California Law for passenger carrying bike)
  • Class 2

Non Passenger Kit

  • Includes rear bamboo platform
  • NO running boards
  • Capable of 28 MPH
  • Class 3 

* Does NOT include case or tie-down

40-50 Mile Range *

The Alpha Cargo features a 20 Amp Hour battery. That means you'll get roughly 40-50 miles per charge.

* Rider weight and terrain are a factor.

52 Volt Battery

A 52V battery is able to deliver the same amount of power using less current than a standard 48V ebike battery, this means you'll get awesome performance from your fast fat tire electric bike while generating less heat in the motor and controller.

20 MPH *

The Alpha Cargo is designed to haul a friend, kids, or anything else you can strap to the rear rack. Because it's designed to carry people we've had to limit it to 20MPH to comply with California laws governing e-bikes.

* Software limited to 20MPH. Motor is capable of higher speeds.  

2 Year Warranty

This covers both bike and battery from any manufacturing defects. If you have a problem bring your Murf by the shop or give us a call and we'll have you up and running in no time.


Riding by yourself is fun, but riding with a friend is even better. When we set out to make an electric cargo bike we knew it had to be fast, fun, and capable of hauling a wide variety of gear. So we included the same powerful motor that we use on our already popular Alpha Murf. Then we built in a super strong rear rack with a bamboo platform seat along with mounting points for optional running boards (foot rests). The super bright, off-road style headlight illumnates the ground far in front of you on those evening rides and the color display keeps you informed of speed, battery level, and distance travelled. If you're looking for a fun but utilitarian electric bike the Alpha Cargo is the perfect electric bike for you.



  • 20 MPH top speed
  • 750 Watt motor (nominal) 1000 Watt peak
  • Five-level pedal assist
  • Thumb throttle
  • Integrated SUPER BRIGHT off-road headlight
  • 52-volt, 20 amp-hour battery
  • 26" x 4" fat tire
  • Hydraulic disk brakes
  • 7 speed shimano gear system
  • Roughly 75 pounds
  • Class 2
  • Two-year warranty
  • Maximum fun

Strong Rear Rack

The rear rack on the Alpha Cargo is designed to carry friends, family, groceries, or whatever else you can think of. We also included protective shields to ensure limbs can't get near the wheel. The weight limit for the entire bike 400 lbs. Running boards are an optional accessory.

Super Bright Off-Road Headlight

The super bright headlight will illuminate the ground far in front of you on your evening rides.

Color Screen

The high-res color screen will keep you informed regarding speed, battery life, pedal assist level and distance travelled.


If you're looking for an awesome electric cargo bike you can't go wrong with the Alpha Cargo by Murf Electric Bikes. When you compare performance, specs, and service you'll see we offer the best value in the e-bike market. Shop with us and you'll get more bang for your buck! You'll be glad you bought your electric bike from us, especially if you ever need to take advantage of our warranty; we pride ourselves on our industry-leading customer service. Find a high-quality cargo e-bike for sale with Murf and you'll see why so many of our customers recommend us to their friends!


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Sean W.
United States


Love the bike ! Took it on our first 20+ mile trip last Sunday. Effortless event just cruised the 30A bike path along the emerald coast of Florida.

Scott S.
United States United States

Best bikes ever!!

Very fun bikes. The quality of the bikes exceeded my expectations. These bikes have plenty of power and are very conferrable to ride. We are very exited to get our bike travel rack so we can take them on our trips.

Joshua H.
United States United States

super cool looking bike

the bike looks great, it’s throttle is a bit sensitive and maybe a little less kid friendly than other cargo bikes ive ridden. that said, it rips up hills with ease. would be cool if murf offered a padded seat or a handlebar for towing bigger kids around, they really need something to hold on to

Kevin D.
United States United States

A beast in all the right ways!

This bike is a beast! Does everything you’d want it to and more. I’d like the attachment bolts to be a bit easier to install as everything is setup where you can not turn the Allen key 360° when putting on the running boards which makes it difficult to get them tight and that is where you are looking for the most security. Especially because it’s family riding with me 98% of the time.

William S.
United States United States

The Ox

I have a number of electric bicycles. My Murf Alpha Cargo is The Ox in the stable. It can carry many things for which I used to need a car. It has enough power to climb the biggest hills I encounter here, and some of them are difficult for ANY of my ebikes. The derailleur got bent in shipping, but it wasn’t difficult to bend back. The brakes needed adjusting. I also swapped to better pedals. Now it’s perfect. I got some saddle bags for it at a motorcycle accessories shop.