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Discover endless possibilities and adventures when you buy a new beach cruiser electric bike. Whether you plan to cruise through your commute or use your ebike for exercise and excitement, there are a ton of new possibilities in store for you. Go the distance in comfort and style as you cruise along with our e-bikes for sale at Murf Electric Bikes. Let our online electric bike shop help you pick the perfect cruising ebike for your lifestyle. You can also stop by our new retail stores in San Clemente, California or Sundiego Boardshops in Carlsbad and San Diego for the chance to test drive ebikes, cruisers, and beach bicycle models so that you can find the right bike for you.

Murf Electric Bikes began as way to find more remote and uncrowded surfing spots. When the owners realized parking at their favorite surf spots was becoming harder and harder to come by they decided that the solution was to create a high quality electric beach cruiser that would allow for an easy ride, while staying compact enough to travel in locations a car can’t reach and rugged enough to be driven on the beach. Our electric cruisers feature the best components like Shimano gear systems, hydraulic disk brakes, and stainless steel hardware wherever possible. All of our components are backed up by a two year warranty so if you’re searching for beach cruiser bikes for sale, you can count on Murf Electric Bikes to provide a superior product with excellent service to back it up.

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Great purchase! 

Amazing bike! Easy to put together, easy to use! Goes faster than I was expecting! Also, super quick response time by the company! Happy customer here! Fat Pax Step-Thru

Amy L.

Love This Bike

Great bike, I have several beach cruisers, but this is my first electric bike. The bike is easy to setup and fun ride. If you order online it’s worth the wait. Love my fat Murf !! The Fat Murf

Stephen T.

Pax Step-Thru

Love this bike! Love the throttle and speed of bike and long lasting battery life! Get sooo many compliments on how good looking it is! Super satisfied Murf owner! Pax Step-Thru

Sunny S.


When looking for electric bikes for sale, look no further than Murf Electric Bikes. These battery-powered electric bikes have swept back handlebars, a larger more comfortable seat, and larger tires to increase your stability and comfort. Electric cruiser bicycles work by using a battery and an electric motor to power your ride. Our electric bikes for sale have multiple levels of pedal assist; you're able to control the amount of power behind every stroke, but the motors will amplify it so you feel unstoppable. There are also electric bike models that allow the rider to rely heavily on throttle control rather than pedal assist, which can allow you to go even faster.

Murf bikes come standard with a 52V Samsung battery. Depending on the electric beach cruiser model you choose, the weight of the rider, the terrain it's used on, and the style, your electrical beach bike mileage per battery charge will vary. The best cruiser bikes have a top speed of over 25 mph when you use both the throttle and pedals.

Alongside our beach cruisers for sale, we offer specialized cruiser accessories, including helmets, bike baskets, bike racks, and locks. If you plan on taking your electric beach bike down to surf, we have a longboard rack available, making it easier to pack up and go on the fly; all you need to go surfing is what you can fit on your e-bike cruiser. And then, when you return home, take off the surf rack for a safe way to store your electric-powered bike, especially if you're short on floor space.


What is the Best Electric Bike to Buy for the Money?

Murf Electric Bikes are the best electric bike you can get for your money. When you’re looking at different brands of electric bikes, consider the reliability, the range the battery can provide, and the comfort. We recommend 52-volt batteries with a capacity of at least 14.5 AH. This will get you an average range of at least 30 miles per charge. Since our motorized bikes are cruiser-style, they provide exceptional comfort.

What is the Most Powerful Electric Bicycle?

Murf's most powerful bike is the Alpha Murf. It features a 750-watt motor and a 52-volt battery. The Alpha Murf cruiser bicycle tops out at 28 mph.

How Much Does a Good Electric Cruiser Bike Cost?

You can find a high-quality electric bike for sale ranging in price from $1695 to $2550 and, while there are cheap electric bicycles available on the market, you will likely sacrifice quality and customer service. If you’re on a budget, it may be beneficial in the long run to wait for a deal on a high-quality electric cruiser bike rather than buying a cheaper version. You might end up paying more when the parts on a cheaper electric e-bike require replacement.

Is it Worth Getting an Electric Bike?

If you're looking for a fun and exciting way to get around town without breaking a sweat, then the answer is yes - electric bikes are worth the investment. Most people don't realize how much fun an electric bike can be until they come to take a test ride. Come into one of our locations to test ride our new electric bikes for sale!

What is the Best Electric Bike for Seniors?

The best electric bikes for adults and senior citizens is one that allows the rider to easily plant their feet on the ground when they've come to a stop. The Pax cruiser by Murf offers a step-thru frame that is light, maneuverable, and easy to get on and off.

What is the Best Electric Bike for Teenagers?

The most important factor when choosing an electric bike for a teenager is safety. The best electric bicycle for a teenager is the Mini Murf because it has a top speed of 17 mph and lowered seat height for easy on and off. And when the teenager is ready to upgrade, the Mini Murf can be upgraded to the full speed version.

What is the Best Electric Bike for Women?

Comfort and reliability are the two main factors when choosing the best electric bikes for female riders. We recommend the Fat Pax or the Pax as they both offer step-thru frames for ease in getting on and off the bike.

What is the Best E-bike for 2021?

The Mini Murf is the best electric bike for sale in 2021! It may be a small bike, but it packs a big performance with five levels of pedal assist, a 52 Volt battery with hydraulic disk breaks and a top speed of 17 MPH or 28 MPH if you upgrade to the Mini Murf Pro.

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We asked San Clemente based artist, Jeff Lukasik, to customize a Murf frame. 

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Surfer and Musician, Dustin Franks, tells us about sneaking away to lesser known surf spots. 

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What is a Cruiser E-bike?

Cruisers are bicycles that have a relaxed up-right riding position and a classic look and feel, reminiscent of bikes from the 60's and 70's. A cruiser e-bike is meant to be comfortable above all else.

What is the Best Electric Bike for Commuting?

The best commuter electric bike is one that gives you the range you need to easily get to and from your destination. All Murf electric beach cruiser bikes feature 52-volt batteries that increase torque, range, speed, and efficiency. Generally, the higher the voltage the better. The Mini Murf is an adult cruiser bike that is a great, compact option for commuting.

Are Beach Cruisers Good for Exercise?

E-bike cruisers are a great full-body low-impact workout that allows you to strengthen your muscles, increase flexibility, and fight fatigue. Your best bet for an e-bike workout is to find a path with an incline that will provide you with greater resistance while you ride.

Which Electric Bike Has the Longest Range and Distance?

Range comes down to the size of your battery, rider weight, riding style, and terrain. When determining how far a bike will go on a single charge, it's important to look at the amp hours and the voltage of the battery. The higher these numbers are, the farther you can expect to go per charge. The Mini Murf X has the longest range of all Murf Electric Bikes.

Where Can I Ride my Beach Cruiser?

Despite the name beach cruiser, beaches are not the only spots you can ride them, but beaches do provide great resistance to make it harder to pedal. An e-bike is also great for everything from your morning commute on the road to off-road trail excursions.

What is the Best E-bike on the Market?

The Fat Murf and The Fat Pax are top-rated cruiser bikes and currently our best-selling ebikes because of the speed, range per charge, and comfort they provide, and the affordable price point.

What Should I Look for When Buying an Electric Bike?

When looking for cruiser bikes for sale, make sure the manufacturer provides a real warranty and has a shop that can provide service in person or over the phone. You should also look at the specifications of the battery; remember, the higher the voltage and amp-hours, the better. Lastly, look at what components are on the bike, like brakes, controller, motor, and drivetrain.

What are Some Resources I Can Visit to Learn More About Electric Cruising Bikes?

If you’re just starting to look for beach cruisers for sale, it may be helpful to look into bicycle clubs in your area to meet new people to not only make new friends, but also get some motivation for reaching any health milestones you may be aiming for. Not to mention, it could give you a chance to brush up on e-bike rules and safety, especially off main roads and onto park trails. If you’re still on the fence about buying your own beach cruiser bike, keep an eye on any incentives and subsidies that may be rolling out in your area to provide that final push you may need to buy your own e-bike!

Why Are Beach Cruisers Good Bikes?

There's a reason the beach cruiser style frame has remained the same for roughly 90 years. A beach cruiser bike provides exceptional comfort and timeless style.

2 years battery and motor

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