Murf Crew

Meet the passionate minds driving Murf's innovation and excellence. Our team, fueled by a love for tinkering and MURFing, is dedicated to both reshaping how you get around and empowering fun

  • Josh Jones

    Founder / CEO

  • Kiara Jones

    Chief Culture Officer

  • Ryan Melamed

    VP, Digital Strategy & Ecommerce

  • Frankie D'Andrea

    VP, Business Development

  • Cameron Forrester

    Director of Operations

  • Julie Henderson

    Senior Controller

  • Dustin Franks

    Director of Product Development

  • Steven Thomas

    Creative Director

  • Natalie Mitchell

    Social Media Specialist

  • Josue Sanchez

    Videographer & Content Creator

  • Nate Vandergast

    Shipping Manager

  • Raulie Berumen

    Warehouse Manager

  • Tim Andrews

    CRM & Ecommerce

  • Shannon Blyleven

    Retail Sales Manager

  • Steve Mellem

    Sales Associate

  • Kaleigh Milosch

    Events & Operations Coordinator

  • Mardan Mozeika

    Bike Builder

  • Nathan Milton

    Bike Builder

  • Jimmy Eiland

    Service Technician

  • Fernando Ocampo

    Lead Service Technician

  • Logan Ruby

    Service Technician & Product Consultant

  • Taylor Braude

    Sales Associate

  • Dylan Wehner

    Production Supervisor

  • Rocco Verrilli

    Warehouse Associate