The Alpha Cargo vs The Higgs Cargo

What's the difference and which bike is better for you?

Size Matters!

Our goal during the design phase of the Higgs Cargo was to take everything we loved about the Alpha Cargo and make it more compact. What followed was a bike that was just as functional as the Alpha Cargo, and more accessible for shorter riders. While the Alpha Cargo works best for riders 5'8" and up, the Higgs Cargo comfortably fits riders 5'3" and up. Both The Alpha Cargo and The Higgs Cargo are passenger-capable, gear-hauling machines ready for everything you throw their way. We've outlined some key highlights of both models below to help you compare and contrast each model.


The Higgs Cargo frame offers a lower center of gravity. This amounts to increased stability and control, enhanced safety, and easy handling, especially when carrying cargo or passengers.


Both The Higgs Cargo and The Alpha Cargo share the same rear cargo area. While the Higgs Cargo may be more compact, you can rest assured that you will still have ample space to carry your passengers and gear. Additionally, all cargo accessories that work with The Alpha Cargo will also work with The Higgs Cargo.