How do I turn on the headlight

Push and hold the "plus" button located on the control screen for 4 seconds. The screen screen and headlight will turn on. To turn the headlight off repeat the process. Please note that the button located on the headlight will not turn the light on or off.

How long does it take to charge

If the battery is completely empty it will take approximately 6-7 hours to fully charge. Feel free to charge your bike overnight but if you don't plan on using your bike for an extended period of time we recommend you unplug it from the charger.

How do I lock the bike

Removing the key from the bike will lock the battery to the bike and ensure the bike can't be turned on but it will not prevent the bike from being rolled away. We recommend locking the bike to an immovable object such as a bike rack or pole with a high quality bike lock.

What's the difference between gears and pedal assist

Most bikes, even non-electric, have some sort of gear system. These gears change how your pedaling effects the speed of the bike. If you were going up a steep hill you would want to select a lower gear (you would go slower but the bike would continue up the hill). In contrast, pedal assist changes the amount of power the motor outputs as you pedal. A low number will give you a low level of assistance, a high number will give you a high level of assistance.

Do I have to take the battery off to charge

The battery can be charged while installed on the bike or out of the bike. We recommend you use a surge protector no matter how you charge the bike.

Does the key need to be in the bike to ride

Yes, the key must remain in the bike while riding.

how far can i ride on a charge

You'll be able to ride 25-45 miles per charge depending on your riding style. If you pedal with the bike you can expect closer to the high end of the range. If you solely rely on the throttle you can expect closer to the low end.

Can I charge the bike overnight

Yes, it's perfectly fine to charge the bike overnight. We recommend you unplug the bike from the charger if you plan on not using it for more than a few days.