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Hollywood Rack RV Rider

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When you visit any RV campground, you've probably noticed that electric bikes have become a great addition to most areas. However, the normal bike racks for a car don't cut it for bigger e-bikes and it's important to ensure the e-bike is safely attached for all your adventures, no matter where they take you. That's where the Hollywood electric bike rack comes in. The new RV Rider is built to carry 2 E-bikes (up to 80 lbs. each) on the back of an RV Motorhome, a 5th wheel or a flat towed vehicle, or any car with a 2-inch tow hitch.

This Hollywood electric bicycle bike rack includes special features, including extra heavy-duty wheel holders for heavy load carrying capacity. The locking frame grabbers on this e-bike car rack will secure your bikes in place using a locking cable and keyed alike hitch pin. This ensures your Hollywood bike carrier and e-bikes remain secure while you're driving on even the bumpiest road. The Hollywood racks e-bike frame grabbers can be attached to the frame of a bike or a seat tube that has a diameter range of 1"- 2" and you won't have to worry about the Hollywood electric bike rack taking up space when it's not in use because Hollywood bike racks for electric bikes can fold up when not in use and can tilt down for rear cargo access when the bikes are not mounted (when used on an RV or motorhome).

Hollywood bike racks for electric bikes make use of a double-walled receiver tube in order to handle the extra weight since electric bikes are typically heavier than regular bikes. A hitch tightener is included to reduce movement inside the hitch (receiver hitch must have a flange).

In order to use this bike rack, you must have a minimum class 3 trailer hitch. We have other options for bike racks if you're looking for one to attach to your car or truck or a rack specifically for a surfboard, longboard, or paddle board. A separate receiver tube is included for use on a 5th wheel, which brings the rack 2" closer to the vehicle.