Unlock a world of possibilities with our versatile trailer, compatible with all MURF models (must remove running boards for Alpha Cargo and Higgs Cargo models). Add an Extended Tow Bar to carry longer cargo like a longboard or any other oversized cargo. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway, tackling your daily errands, or embarking on a biking adventure, this trailer is your trusty sidekick for the journey.


*Some Assembly Required


Agile And Practical

Despite its impressive capacity, the Murf Trailer is designed for easy handling. Equipped with fat tires, you can navigate city streets, bike paths, and winding trails with confidence, knowing that your cargo is securely transported behind you. Secure your cargo even further with the included top cover.


Proprietary Mounting System

Attaching your trailer is a breeze. Simply slide it onto the rear axle of your MURF and tighten the outer nut for a hassle-free and secure fitting. Use the included nylon safety strap for extra security. Load up with confidence knowing the cargo behind you is safe, sound, and sturdy.



Crafted from heavy duty, velcro-attached canvas material, the trailer's lining is weather-resistant and includes a detachable top cover. It shields your precious cargo from rain, splashes, and unexpected downpours, allowing you to confidently transport your gear, groceries, or equipment without worrying about water damage.

Load up. Ride out.

Well-equipped, versatile, and ready to take on any adventure you throw its way

All-day beach missions

Pack your wetsuit, towel, chair, umbrella, boards, snacks, and anything else you'll need for a whole day in the sun. The trailer is your ultimate beach companion

Reel in the adventure

With ample cargo space and a robust design, the trailer ensures you can carry fishing rods, tackle boxes, coolers, and more, without the hassle of cramming everything into your backpack or vehicle. Leave the car at home, avoid parking hassles, and experience the joy of combining two great pastimes—biking and fishing.

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