Care and Maintenance

Bicycles have many moving parts that require ongoing maintenance and cleaning to keep them working properly. Although it may seem complicated to maintain a bicycle, the process isn't difficult or even that time-consuming. Proper bike maintenance can keep a bicycle riding smoothly and safely and extend its life. A regular rider should know how to fix a flat tire, grease the chain, clean their bike, and pack a bike tool kit.


Basics Of Bike Maintenance

Bike maintenance involves regular inspections to ensure that all components are clean and working properly. Common tasks include inflating the tires properly, checking the tires for wear, checking the brakes to ensure that they engage correctly, and inspecting the chain for cleanliness and lubrication. Go through the gears as well to make sure they are shifting correctly. Fix any issues immediately.


How To Fix A Flat Tire

Flat tires are part of biking, so it's important to know how to fix one. Fixing a flat tire involves removing the wheel from the bike, removing the tube, finding the hole, patching the tube or replacing it, and putting the wheel back on the bike. Carry tools and supplies with you when you bike so you can fix a flat tire immediately. At a minimum, you'll want to be able to temporarily patch the tube until you can get back home and fix it permanently.


Bike Chain Cleaning And Maintenance

The bike chain attracts a lot of dirt and debris, and you need to keep the chain clean and lubricated. A chain that's not kept clean and lubricated will increase friction levels while biking. Rotate your pedals and check for adequate lubrication and dirt. Use a firm brush to remove dirt, then lubricate the chain links and wipe off excess lubricant with a dry rag. Applying too much lubricant attracts more dirt.


How To Clean A Bike

Because a bicycle has many moving parts, keeping it clean is important. Leaving dirt and debris on a bike will cause parts to deteriorate more quickly. Use diluted dish soap and water to wash the bike frame. Small brushes will help you remove dirt from small nooks and crannies. Degreaser will help you clean the bike chain effectively. And don't forget to lubricate the chain when you're finished.


Building A Bike Tool Kit

Carrying a tool kit on your bike will ensure that you have what you need if you have problems while you're biking. Your tool kit should include a small tire pump, tire levers, a patch kit, and a spare tube. Have a small amount of cash in your kit as well. Some riders also like to carry screwdrivers, pliers, Allen wrenches, a chain tool, and a spoke wrench.


How Does An Ebike Differ?

Maintaining an electric bike is not significantly different from regular bike maintenance. You will still need to maintain the gears, the chain, the brakes, and the tires. The e-bike motor is usually maintenance-free. You will need to recharge the battery regularly, topping it off whenever possible, but be sure not to leave it on the charger. Before storing your e-bike for a long time, charge the battery to between 30 and 60 percent, and keep the battery in a place where it won't freeze.